Legends in Death

People are forgotten for most parts of their lives, cast to shadows only to be remembered and exalted in their deaths.


You are my only one, I swear…I know so, I feel so. You are the one and only, Till the next row! I won’t leave you ever, Trust me…Believe me, I won’t ever leave you, Until I want to be free. You are my only one, My only one, I swear… I know so, I…

The Street Art

A sleepy winter day starts with more whiteness spreading around except for one street corner.

A Tangled World of Lobbies

The Real Estate Industry comprising of Builders and Developers, Realtors and Agents, Architects and Engineers, Contractors and sub-contractors who work on plumbing, elevators, electrical, fittings, tiling, carpeting to interiors and more; all sustained by another lobby – Banking Industry. Keep interest rates lowered, let people buy more homes or invest in offices. Boom in housing,…