Will you lie with me?… (Part One)

This is first of the multi-part series on the topic of the Art of Lying.

“Lying is universal–we _all_ do it. Therefore, the wise thing is for us diligently to train ourselves to lie thoughtfully, judiciously; to lie with a good object, and not an evil one; to lie for others’ advantage, and not our own; to lie healingly, charitably, humanely, not cruelly, hurtfully, maliciously; to lie gracefully and graciously, not awkwardly and clumsily; to lie firmly, frankly, squarely, with head erect, not haltingly, tortuously, with pusillanimous mien, as being ashamed of our high calling. Then shall we be rid of the rank and pestilent truth that is rotting the land; then shall we be great and good and beautiful, and worthy dwellers in a world where even benign Nature habitually lies, except when she promises execrable weather.”

This is an excerpt from my essay on lying: ‘On the Decay of the Art of Lying’ …I know it is an excellent piece of work and that is why I do not mind lying, that I wrote the essay. I am sure Sir Mark Twain would never mind my indulgence…for it is a noble cause and I intend no profit from it…but for winning some hearts and accolades.

Lying is an amazing art and an enigma that thrives amongst us and gives us hope, dreams, motivation and enthusiasm to take us through yet another day. We love to hate lies and yet lie when we have to. I come across so many of my friends and acquaintances who I know lie…not that I am absolving myself from lying…they lie and I listen. I listen with rapt attention and catch every word of their obvious lie…not to laugh at it…but to give that person or friend the satisfaction of living that dream, desire through me.

When someone noble lies to me, I don’t scoff off that person nor am I judgmental about the character of that person. You are lying to yourself if you claim you do not lie or you detest liars. You love your parents or your best friend or spouse or yourself and you can’t possibly detest everyone.Everyone whom you know Continue reading

I am back and hope to stay…

Though I know not a soul missed me and my ramblings, I figured it was time to make a comeback….a much needed comeback to writing. I can cook up excuses and the juiciest ones for not writing regularly but I guess I will save that for a later date.

For now I am more interested in kick starting my blogging. I must admit, a friend of mine inspired me to let the ink flow again. And again as usual, my friend will probably never realize that I chose her as my muse. Its the way I am….I get inspired by things, people, action, inaction, emotion, situation and circumstances among others that usually do not get noticed. May be I am learning more about myself…wow, now thats going to be interesting…especially when my newly discovered self will start rebelling against my old self.