I just WON’T write today…

I have been fairly regular in writing posts after posts these days. I makes me feel as if I have a lot of free time in hand. Well I have decided that I will not write anything today. No, I just won’t.

How can you expect to come up with something new everyday? My fans (or to be fans) have some expectations from me. How can I allow myself to degrade my quality like all those junk writers like Stephen King and Ekta Kapoor serials, who just don’t care anymore?

I feel it is important for an artist to keep things in control by being slow and steady. Or you will end up with a writers bloc. Now thats the last thing you want happening to you especially if you are a writer. I am glad I am not dependent on my extraordinary writing skills for my bread and butter. Thats also partly because I hate bread and butter. Bread and butter is for lazy pansies.

But having made up my mind not to write has given me this liberated feeling. Its like the time when your girl tells you, “honey, I need my space”. Well I think, thats exactly how I am feeling right now. I am not sure though because that line leaves me more confused than ever. Its a reassuring feeling to know that you are not getting addicted to something.

Its scary when you realize you might be getting addicted to something. But then I don’t think it goes beyond that. No one tires to stop the addiction till pushed for. Usually you don’t realize all this till someone tells you and then you don’t believe them too. The only time you accept that you are addicted is when you try to sound romantic by telling your sweetheart that you are getting addicted to her ( I am not sure I have heard that from a girl).

Well, since I have got that extra time by not writing today, I should apply that time towards something productive. I think I will watch the Family Guy or maybe Simpsons. They are really educating. I can get to learn a few things. Oh damn!….I just realized something…why the hell am I writing all this.

Sometimes I feel I am perennially on a high!!!

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Tolerating acceptance

Gandhi preached and practiced Tolerance – the strength of a person to withstand a particular unfavorable situation or circumstance. Gandhiji was no fool. He knew how much he was asking from his followers when he talked of tolerance. The concept of tolerance which was the seed of Satyagraha and later on the backbone of the movement.

Tolerance is not easy. The kind of sacrifice that it demands is more than most people can give. When you think of all those people who gave up their lives and more practicing the principle of tolerance, you cannot help wonder what made them tick? The reason I decided to write on this is not because I want to sound patriotic nor am I trying in vain to remind people of the sacrifices made in the past. I am thinking practical. I am talking present. I am talking our daily lives.

How can the principle of tolerance help us be a better person? Is tolerance that answer to a happy life? I start to think on these terms when I have nothing to do…which is most part of the day. After much thinking I have come to realize that tolerance is not a as ideal as they claim it to be.

This is what I feel. Tolerance is just a means to avoid a volatile situation. All it does is avoid the situation now and deal with it later. Tolerance is as it suggests tolerating something or someone. You may or may not feel that the person or thing is right or correct. But you tolerate for various reasons. For example the most volatile situations of all times – Hindus and Muslims.

Lets put this in perspective. Hindus and Muslims for years since independence have been separated by weirdest of differences fueled successfully by the generations of a politicians. India being a secular yet Hindu-dominated country per say, Muslims have always been considered a minority. Governments claim to be secular but the people need not be. Here comes the principle of tolerance. Honestly speaking, each today community, especially in the most sensitive and volatile of regions, just tolerate each other.

Since they tolerate each other, when a volatile situation arises, chances are, this tolerance threshold will break. This has amply proved true in many incidents in the past. Tolerance is very perspective. Each individual has a threshold to tolerance. I might tolerate something to a limit and when it goes past the threshold of my ability to tolerate then I will react. I will react in the way I believe I am right.

Tolerance keeps us in a state of constant agitation. The freedom-fighters who believed in Satyagraha could continue to go on since they practiced tolerance. They practiced tolerance yet they never tolerated the British rule. They did not tolerate the regime. They tolerated the violence on them. They could go on since the concept of tolerance kept their fire burning. You see, tolerance is not a solution but a means. Tolerance keeps the matter under the rug for the time.

I feel the ideal situation is Acceptance. The concept of Acceptance is what is a hundred times more difficult. Many will disagree with me that acceptance is an act of cowardice. I beg to differ. If peace is an act of cowardice then so be it. The very fact that one feels that acceptance is act of cowardice strengthens my argument that tolerance is just a means to showcase strength.

Acceptance requires more courage and character than tolerance. Acceptance makes us a better person. For instance, if two enemies accept the fact that they cannot reconcile their differences, they can be better enemies to each other. Rather be indifferent to each other once they accept the things that separate them. When we talk about friends we talk about accepting the other person with his or her faults. Its acceptance again. Its not tolerating but acceptance.

If Hindus and Muslims can accept each other as humans with different beliefs then things will be more simpler. There are so many Hindus who do not believe in going to temples and many who believe in one god and not the other. But Hindus accept them all as Hindus. Same must be the case with any other religion. So on a holistic front, acceptance is the key to peace. If we can accept the differences, it makes us more than just being tolerant.

Even on a personal front, instead of being tolerant of a situation, if I accept the situation for what it is, then I can deal with it better. If I am being tolerant, I would be just putting the issue off for some other day, when I might not be so tolerant. I believe we have been fundamentally wrong in our approach. We should not have been taught to be tolerant. We should practice the art of Acceptance if we are to find more permanent and perpetual solutions.

P.S. This article was written on one of those rare occasions when I was more sober. Hence the lack of satire and sarcasm. But my feelings are as intense as I would express otherwise.

When emotions are worse than Loose motions…

There are times in your life when your emotions feel as if they are doing somersaults traveling on a roller-coaster while sailing the high rough seas…well I think that should be descriptive of what I face at times.

Strange are the ways relationships treat you. Usually the people who matter to you are the most likely to cause your emotions to do the flips. Of course that is very obvious; since why would you feel for people on the road unless your are Mother Teresa re-incarnate.

Well I suppose the reason you feel the most hurt is you actually let yourself be vulnerable to the person who you place your complete faith and trust. You have nothing to safeguard against. Sometimes I wonder why do we do this to ourselves repeatedly when you know this is true.

Maybe its because we are utterly foolish or perhaps its a trade-off worth the pain since the moments you share with that person is something you cherish more than anything else. The happiness and contentment that you get being with the person is like a soothing balm for the intense hurt and pain that comes along the way without fail.

I have seen so many of my friends including myself, subjecting self to this pain and emotional turmoil. Its amazing to see the threshold of tolerance. The biggest risk of the self inflicted pain from a relation is the brain putting its foot down. For some reason the heart can’t make up its mind as to how much more can it take. So the brain steps in. My brain usually starts a process of emotional isolation.

Yeah..I swear it does. After the brain realizes that I am unwittingly going to continue to smother myself in the emotional sandpit, it starts to become indifferent. I have had this before and its scary. The last thing you want happening to the relation that matters to you most is the setting in of a cold emotionless mind. Even the feeling of hate is still an emotion, but being cold is worse. Though this is supposedly a defense mechanism but it is in no way productive to the relation in question which is probably already faltering. This is like a death knell.

All that I can do is take it another day and fool my brain into believing that my heart is fine and pain that just flashed was nothing but indigestion.
Damn where did I keep that sachet of Eno!!!

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They are stealing my name…I thought I was being unique when I stole it!

I realized a sad truth…I had always loved to be a bugger…CreativeBug was a name I had adopted ages ago…I think a few years ago….but now so many unimaginative sad people have taken up this name as their nickname that I am losing my uniqueness.

More than the uniqueness, which was bound to happen since I was destined to be famous, the problem I have is that of credits. Anyone using the pseudo name can stake a claim all my highly intelligent and creative work of art. I will be plagiarized and all the bad publicity generated due to the shabby piece of work that I can only expect from people who can steal from an original artist like me.

After I had christened my name as CreativeBug, I had even gone ahead and created a fantasy name for my future corporation – CreativeBug Initiatives.

It would be known as CI (first I thought CBI but then decided against it. I think my clients won’t appreciate an invoice from the CBI, I guess). I have been doing some business under the CI banner….I think CI will survive this vandalism.

Since I wrote about this first…I think I am right…and if someone had thought of this word…considering I was born to the 80’s well its not my fault if someone was born earlier than me…I rediscovered it…like Columbus.

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Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative… – Oscar Wilde

I really admire this man for his thoughts. Actually his convoluted thinking which is so true. I must say Oscar Wilde is a big inspiration for me. Actually having read only his quotes, I can say I am an authority on him. The day I read his works that might not be true anymore. Well since that sounds so profound, it is probably true.

I became a fan of Oscar Wilde the day I read this:

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every 6 months.”

This filled me with intrigue and I started searching for more. I realized that this man has been a literary genius of his times with thoughts so profound that it holds true even today. If you are interested in more of his witty quotes you can check the Quotations page

Well if you look at consistency it is true that they are usually by the book people. They never deviate from the rules and walk a straight road. I guess that can be boring if not for them but the ones who watch them. Consistency and the right be bored to death belongs to the purists I think.

As a true Aquarian…I believe the factor of unpredictability is the spice of life. So its important to let your imagination run wild and surprise yourself with a dash of behavior not consistent to you. Letting your hair down is as important as washing your bum after a visit…(urgh…I couldn’t think of something shittier).

I will hate to be a robot programmed to function the same way everyday, every minute of your life…look at my blog…how inconsistent I am with my posts…wow…I just found a great excuse…I love imagination 🙂

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