My Love

This is a poem written by one of my creative friends (I am so lucky to have so many of them)…All credit goes to her.

My Love’s that rainbow in the sky;
Where both rain and shine come meet;
I know that rainbows got to go;
That U see them only once in a row.
But You know somethings are meant to be;
And Our Love’s beyond reality.

So Let me drown into your eyes;
Hold you close like a child.
And when the sun and rain give life to the rainbow;
I’ll give my life to you.

My Love’s that sunset in the sky;
Where both Earth and Heaven meet;
I know horizons aren’t real;
That they only seem to move away;
But you know somethings are meant to be;
And Our Love’s beyond reality.

So Let me drown into your eyes;
Hold You close like a child;
And when the earth meets the sky and the sun sets;
I’ll give myself to you
I’ll lose myself to you.


I am a Bitches Man!

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I realized this when I was listening to George Carlin – How’s your dog? from his 1976 album ‘On the road’. Yes I am a Dog’s man. A Ladies man; may be…but a Dog’s/Bitches man; for sure.

I have always loved dogs. And I seem to get along very well with them. We have always treated each other with respect. My cousins have been bitten in their childhood, but fortunately I managed to avoid those teeth on my bum! I never figured out how dogs seemed to accept me so easily. I did try to theorize though.

My logic was that since I hate cats and I am allergic to them, I figured dogs could sense my disliking for their greatest foe. And so they assumed I was on their side in their war for world domination (Remember the Cats & Dogs movie!) I have been clawed and bitten by cats and I know for sure that the cats sense my lack of liking towards them. But not dogs…dogs are so happy to see me. I never had a pet dog all my life. I hope I will some day get one but after I learn to take care of myself.

Yet they love me so much that when I go to a friend’s place to meet a new dog, they go wild with excitement. They wag their tails as if they were trying to fly like a helicopter. They jump around and don’t have the weirdest idea what to do next! The dogs tend to lose their senses around me. I wish I could evoke the same reaction in all the women I meet. Works on some I must say 🙂

The owners tend to get flustered and embarrassed. And they keep repeating that their dog never acted like this with anyone except for one odd family member or so. Then they would look adoringly at the dog, who by now has kept it’s head on my lap and looking at me all dovey eyed; and proclaim that the dog loves me already.

After such intimate encounters, I stared to see a pattern. It was the bitches (female dogs to the polished ears), that acted in a peculiar way. The moment they used to see me, they would show all the excitement and then start showing their Bum to me. Yes…they jump, wag, lick, run, sit, stand and what not and then turn around and show their bum to me. This is the part where it gets embarrassing for the owner and everyone tries to ignore the bitch just like one tries hard to ignore a small kid walking across the room naked. Of course, it is very difficult to ignore too since the dog like the naked kids tend to be not so quiet. The owners start wondering if the bitch is in heat. And I noticed this phenomenon not with just one breed but across different breeds including Pomeranian, Labradors, dobermans, the street bitches…all of them.

At first I thought they must be really high or something. You know high on hormones or even grass. Then I thought I might be releasing some dog like pheromones which made me smell like a potential mate. I had some real nightmares trying to understand this weird phenomenon. So I decided to look it up on the internet. I did not find many references. But on Yahoo! Answers I came across the same question – Why does my dog show its bum to me?

I read and then understood that it seems it is the way a dog shows its submission. The dog is accepting my dominance over her and wants to show that she trusts me. Its her way of accepting me into her life…by showing her bum to me. Now I feel so happy. I look back fondly at all the Bitches who showed their bums to me. I am not embarrassed anymore. I now know they love me, they trust me, they accept me…I know now that I am a Bitches Man!