Secret to Irregular Blogging

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Many people do NOT ask me how I manage to write my blog posts so irregularly. So after much thought I have finally decided to forcefully share some tips on this fine art of irregular blogging, lest this art is lost to mankind. I must tell you that this takes a lot of finesse and craft so please do not be disappointed in case you are not able to generate results following these tips. I have jotted down some very simple steps that will help you in this task:

1. Never keep a diary or offline notepad

This helps you forget those amazing and interestingly quirky ideas you come up with spontaneously. In case you are out of reach of a computer or the internet then not keeping a diary is the way to go if you have to successfully blog irregularly.

2. Sit and stare the screen

This comes naturally when you do not have any topic to write on because you did not write that idea down in that diary which you did not buy. When you realize that you have not written a post for sometime, you are forced to think of some nonsense topic that won’t make any sense whatsoever and you will end up staring the screen

3. Post Puke

Pardon my choice of words but that is what you will end up doing when you cannot think of any good topic to blog on and your calender says you have not posted for long. So you are torn between the need to post and the lack of ideas to write and then you puke out a post that is nothing but junk.

4. Ignore your blog for sometime

Since you have puked a post there will hardly be any action on your blog. You will not see comments coming in or any interested viewers. So it will not be difficult to ignore the blog.

5. Do not network

Since you have Post Puked so do not think of making a mention of it on social networking sites such as Twitter or StumbleUpon. You do not have to worry about Digg at all since no one in their sane minds will want to Digg your Post Puke unless you claim that not digging might give you a reason to give up your life. Please don’t try that trick since you might be encouraged to go ahead and die as your contribution of Post Pukes to the Blogosphere will work in your favor.

Now since you are not getting any attention and you start feeling as if you are in an endless thankless monologue, you will start being very irregular to the blog. You will also forget your password next time you log in to post. When you click that ‘Forgot Password?’ link the next time, you know you have succeded in perfecting the art of Irregular Blogging.

I cant smile without you!

Just couldn’t help posting this here. Dedicated to an angel. An all time Barry Manilow Classic. Please excuse the corny ending, but this video was one of the better ones that I found on the tube or maybe I did not look enuff!

A Poem without a title

rose_doodle_2There are moments everyday when I feel, in my hands I must hold your face,
And look in to your eyes and say I love you.
I feel like holding you close at all times lest I lose myself in this life’s maze,
And feel your breath against my chest every morning new.

Then at other times I miss your hug and your touch,
And into my hands I yearn for the way your fingers gently slips,
Your ever so soothing caress means so much,
I find myself often reminiscing the soft brush of your lips.

I yearn to see myself in your eyes,
Cradled between your sweeping lashes with loving care;
And gentle whispers in my ears will suffice
Please hold me tight and save me from the wordly glare.

The days you refuse to talk to me are the ones that I dread
I feel so lost and helpless like a lamb
And cry my eyes till red
And pray that you find me and forgive me for what I am.