You are my only one, I swear…I know so, I feel so. You are the one and only, Till the next row! I won’t leave you ever, Trust me…Believe me, I won’t ever leave you, Until I want to be free. You are my only one, My only one, I swear… I know so, I…

But it Ain’t Wrong!

This is a song I penned in a moment of musical inspiration. I am fan of both Rock and Country music genres. I foresee someone composing this into a nice little song some day! Will it be a hit? Let’s wait and listen!

When you said I love you

When I first heard you say – ‘I love you’ I just stared And I was scared Of being lonely Of losing, before I even found you. When I first heard you say – ‘I love you’ I had hoped I could say it you first I prayed for the courage to look in to…

I can’t smile without you!

Just couldn’t help posting this here. Dedicated to an angel. An all time Barry Manilow Classic. Please excuse the corny ending, but this video was one of the better ones that I found on the tube or maybe I did not look enough!

A Poem without a title

There are moments everyday when I feel, in my hands I must hold your face, And look in to your eyes and say I love you. I feel like holding you close at all times lest I lose myself in this life’s maze, And feel your breath against my chest every morning new. Then at…

My Love

This is a poem written by one of my creative friends (I am so lucky to have so many of them)…All credit goes to her. My Love’s that rainbow in the sky; Where both rain and shine come meet; I know that rainbows got to go; That U see them only once in a row….