A Tangled World of Lobbies

network of lobbies_creativebazaar

The Real Estbanking and real estate lobby creativebazaarate Industry comprising of Builders and Developers, Realtors and Agents, Architects and Engineers, Contractors and sub-contractors who work on plumbing, elevators, electrical, fittings, tiling, carpeting to interiors and more; all sustained by another lobby – Banking Industry. Keep interest rates lowered, let people buy more homes or invest in offices. Boom in housing, more loans. A boom in home prices, real estate agents are happier. One lobby feeds off the other.

Automobile Industry – literally and figuratively driven by Oil Corporations. More cars on road. auto and oil lobby creativebazaarMore consumption. Keep prices competitive. Let them guzzle the life-blood that costs billions and trillions across the globe. Raise taxes of cars, the Auto Industry bleeds but Oil Lobbies hates it more. Cars in Bed with Oil – the lubrication and mechanics exist.


Climate and Insurance sector. If Climate change is man-made, then resulting consequences such as climate change and insurance sector creativebazaarrespiratory disorders, agricultural or livestock losses, etc. could be claimed for. Accepting that Climate Change exists is opening the Pandora’s box. But if it is proven that climate change is in fact an act-of-god, then Insurance companies walk scot-free with no payouts. Pollution is good for the brains as it gets polluted too and clouds sensible judgement. Pollution will soon be part of pre-existing conditions exempted from coverage.


Cure and Medicine. Rarely will a hospital or pharmaceutical company have enough motivation or see pharma and healthcare lobby creativebazaarfinancial prudence in the discovery of a Cure. Care is cheaper. “Managing” pain or diabetes or cancer is more profitable than curing it. Cure is unsustainable as a business. But are we not lucky that we have health+care providers?


An entangled world of networked lobbies, helping each other feed and thrive at the expense of consumers. A frenzy of give and take, sustained by a ever-growing population of hungry, blinded consumers who gives all. Lobbies, legal and entertained by governments. Governments made up of politicians and administrators who takes all!

I realized I am a Racist!

racist glasses

I write this post with trepidation as I confess to the fact I realized quite recently; that I may perhaps be a racist. I may sound flippant or a trifle impetuous in the manner in which I share this.

But the very nature by which this thought surfaced recently during one of the many nonsensical conversations that keep us entertained at times; was as shocking as the topic itself. I feel a sense of shame not by this realization itself. The very fact that racism still casts a definitive dark shadow in our minds even if not as prevalent.

Let me deal with the white elephant in the room. So going back to the innocent conversation, I realized I do not enjoy drinks that are dark or brown – Whiskey, Brandy, Rum, Coca Cola, Pepsi and such. But I like my colorless or white drinks – Vodka, Gin, White Wine, Sprite, 7-up.

Now this rare insight led to an unintended introspection – Am I subconsciously racist? Do I tend to avoid the beverages of color due to their taste or lack thereof or is there a more sinister reason? Am I being constantly exposed to excesses of xenophobia in the media? Or have we made this topic so sensitive, that even thinking about coloring agents could evoke a sense of guilt?

As you might have figured out by now, that I seem to have lot of time on my hands to introspect and come up with the “beverage color test for racism”. But then the final hours of a weekend accompanied by the spirits of the fairer variety do tend to bring out some profound moments of illumination. So here I was thinking – without any conclusion – about my obvious bias towards the white spirits. Finally, the Vino Blanc made my thoughts go blank and unsatisfied with my self-inquiry I decided to form them into words.

So here I am: confessing this shameful realization that needs further inquiry. Inquire I will as I have my next glass of wine and with courage – I may sip the darker red variety; a small step towards overcoming my prejudice of color.

Side note:
Derelict traditions, irrational superstitions and cumbersome customs have progressively given way to scientific inquests. Even the most rigid religions & patrons of faith have shown some form of malleability if not acceptance, of comportment most abhorred in the earlier days. But for some reason, even today racism holds an unwanted relevance in our lives. One of the many things that makes nature more beautiful, is its wide assortment of colors and hues. The most boring species on the planet are the humans with only a few colors to boast of – and we have issues with those too! I hope we humans are some day ‘color blind’ and embrace humans for the beauty we are.

P.S. I have always loved dark chocolate (80% cocoa or more) and it may be my soul food to recovery. I will accept it as my bitter medicine; so feel free to send them over.

The little ones still do kill Giants

When Tata Nano was conceived and realized, there were many critics. Many were head honchos of the auto industry itself. They and a large section of the domestic and international media claimed that due to its “affordability” more people will end up buying more of it thus increasing pollution and congestion.

So do they mean they are purposely overpricing their own brands to save the world? Are they capping the number of sales per month to prevent congestion?

Let us see this in perspective using figures of the biggest sellers in the India Market who are also global giants. These companies were perhaps not ones to pooh-pooh the Nano rather than the more “knowledgeable” auto majors like Ford, GM, etc who seemed to have a lot to say against it.

  1. Maruti Suzuki has K-series of petrol engines that releases 109 grams of CO2 per km. It sold a little over One million units of cars in 2009-10.
  2. Hyundai Motors India with it’s Kappa Engines which emits 119 grams of CO2 per kilometre sold over 600,000 units of cars in 2010.
  3. Tata Nano has sold around 70,000 units by end of 2010. It emits 101 grams of C02 per kilometre. It gives an approx. mileage of 23.6 kmpl while the industry averages vary between 15-18 kmpl.

The average emission rate of cars in India is 140-150 grams per kilometre. The interesting part is not all cars in the Suzuki or Hyundai stable use the premium K-series or Kappa engines which have the lower emission rates respectively. Nor are the critics worried about the emission rates by the other vehicles that Tata Motors, Tata JLR or Tata Daewoo releases…it is the Nano that irks them because it is the only thorn in their ‘back’-sides that they can’t deal with yet.

It is amazing how even today the Goliaths hate the Davids…a small car named the ‘nano’ shook the world in a way even the Hummer’s could not.  Oh! by the way, out of utter concern towards the environment, GM, Nissan, Ford for starters are planning to launch their own ‘Nano’ cars very soon.

For those interested in knowing a bit more about the CO2 emissions per km you can visit a post on whatcar which lists more manufacturers.

Believe in your Dreams

Believe in your dreamsThe moment you start believing in your dream, it stops being just a dream.

Your dream is the foundation of your vision. Your belief is the mortar that binds your vision into a reality.

If you act on your beliefs, your actions will help you realize your dream;

Once you have achieved your dreams, they will say you were a visionary with the courage to follow your dreams.

But if you never believed in your dreams, everyone will say…‘Stop day-dreaming you ass’!

Pseudo Democracy

We have government subsidized Liquor Shops and tax breaks for manufacturers
But we also have bans on advertising of liquor on all media channels

We have a ban on tobacco products and smoking in public places
But we also have a dedicated Directorate of Tobacco Development to promote production

Prostitution in itself is not an offense in the country
But appointing a business development executive (pimp) or self-marketing is illegal

Public Display of Affection is against moral laws and public decency
But rape is the fastest growing crime in the country*

We build new statues to supposedly elevate the pride of the country, state or street
But we do nothing to protect the historic monuments of the country

We are made aware of the corruption, criminal backgrounds and scandals of our politicians
But we forgive and forget them more than the neighbours kid who broke your window

We worry about Indians in Australia and abroad
But we beat up our own when they come from another state for their livelihood.

We pride ourselves in being secular
But tolerate fanatics who destroy mosques, attack temples and burn people in the name of religion

We burn candles and stand vigils for the victims of terrorists attacks

But we protect the terrorist for a senseless trial at the cost of tax-payers money

We fight over a piece of our land with outsiders and let innocents die in crossfire
But we cut our country into pieces when some politicians go on a hunger strike unto death

We are a democracy

*according to data for 2006 released by the home ministry’s National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). A rape is being reported every 30 minutes, an alarming increase of nearly 700% since 1971 when the NCRB started recording them. It has been steadily increasing every year now standing at approx 25 minutes/rape.