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Hey readers,

Starting today, I will use this page to communicate changes and recent additions to the blog. So keep checking this page for new feature and presentation updates. Also please use the comments section on this page to give me feedbacks on the updates. This will help me keep the blog interesting and reader friendly. So please tell me if you like what you see and also what you would like to see.

Besides updates, you could also suggest topics that you want to read on this blog. Though I give you no assurances that I will write on those, but at least you can feel good that you could have your say πŸ˜‰

——– Creativebug

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  1. creativebug says:

    5 July 07: I have decided to add small pictures that are relevant or at times irrelevant to the topic posted. So all my new posts will have some pic or the other.

    Also I have decided to start my posts the TIMES of INDIA way of capitalization.

  2. creativebug says:

    6 July 07: This addition was made sometime back but wanted to make a mention of it for all of you.

    There is this small banner that I have added to the bottom of the side-bar – Giveaway of the day. You can get Paid Softwares for FREE through the site. So I am spreading the word, since I have got real good softwares from here.

    Also check their sister site – Game Giveaway of the day – where you can get paid games for Free!
    Let me know if you like it.

  3. creativebug says:

    17 July 07: I have added the Digg it! button some of my earlier posts and will be a new feature for all posts on my blog from here on.

    So if you like what you read, you can DIGG it and help make some news! πŸ™‚ If you don’t know much about digg, why not try voting and find out!
    So lets start digging…

  4. creativebug says:

    23July07: Small edits to the Digg button placements for better visual merchandising. Now the button is visible at the start of the post as well as just above the comments link. Hopefully this will encourage people to take notice and click on the Digg button more if they liked what they read.

  5. creativebug says:

    24July07: I wish I stopped forgetting to add the small contextual picture when I post. I just updated the picture after I made the post yesterday…my bad!

    I will try and remember to publish it along with the post itself the next time.

  6. creativebug says:

    My good friend Jitish sent me this mail to check my DNA…and I found it very interesting. So I have added my own visual DNA above my foto. Check it out and share your DNA….have fun!

  7. creativebug says:

    I have added Feedburner subscription option on my blog so people who prefer RSS readers can now subscribe to my blog through feedburner also (other than the default wordpress feed).

    Also I have included the Headline subscription option too on the top right hand side of the blog.

  8. creativebug says:

    Hey dear readers,

    I signed up with the new blog phenomenon ‘BlogRush’. Unfortunately, since WordPress currently does not allow 3-party Java-scripts, I cannot display the widget.

    But for starters, I have added the Direct referral link ( http://www.blogrush.com/r58089084 ) to BlogRush in the sidebar which is the gateway to phenomenal boost in traffic.

    For those you must have noticed, I have removed my photo from the sidebar. It has been sometime since I first put it up and I felt the need for a fresh look. I am sure no one will miss it πŸ™‚
    If anybody needs a specially autographed photo for yourself send your requests via this section πŸ˜‰

  9. creativebug says:

    Its been some time since I have done due justice to my blog.

    Today I made a small change by renaming the Blog header from ” A bazaar of ramblings” to “creatively rambled”

  10. creativebug says:

    30July08: A new addition to the posts. Each post will end with an option to Email the post to a Friend if you liked it! SO keep reading and start sharing! πŸ™‚

  11. Julia says:

    Hello admin, nice site ! Good content, eautiful design, thank !c

  12. dueworaddexia says:

    I’m new there
    Nice forum!

  13. Smavilirhinna says:


    What is the cheapest web hosting company?

    I’m trying to build a web site for my boss.

    thank you in advance,


    1. creativebug says:

      Hi Erin…this is just a personal blog with my blabberings and not the best place to get your answer. If you are looking at some options I can suggest GoDaddy and Bluehost. I use both and they have been reasonable with costs and offerings.

  14. CaseyFronczek says:

    I saw that Casey Fronczek is offering fishing trips now down in south Florida. Does anybody have any input on these trips or has anyone been on one of these trips before?

    1. creativebug says:

      Nooooooooooooooooooooo Idea…what you talking about?

  15. creativebug says:

    After ages, I have decided to change the existing theme of my blog for no apparent reason. I guess it is always nice to see something fresh and different. I hope my non-existent readers do not mind this subtle change. Happy reading & commenting!!!

  16. quectabeaft says:

    Man .. Beautiful .. Superb .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds additionallyI’m satisfied to find numerous helpful information right here within the publish, we’d like develop more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  17. creativebug says:

    I guess I am changing more themes than adding more posts! Sigh πŸ™‚

  18. creativebug says:

    9 Sep 17: Changed the theme after ages yet again. Entering a new phase of story-telling. Look forward to more short stories.

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