A Tangled World of Lobbies

network of lobbies_creativebazaar

The Real Estbanking and real estate lobby creativebazaarate Industry comprising of Builders and Developers, Realtors and Agents, Architects and Engineers, Contractors and sub-contractors who work on plumbing, elevators, electrical, fittings, tiling, carpeting to interiors and more; all sustained by another lobby – Banking Industry. Keep interest rates lowered, let people buy more homes or invest in offices. Boom in housing, more loans. A boom in home prices, real estate agents are happier. One lobby feeds off the other.

Automobile Industry – literally and figuratively driven by Oil Corporations. More cars on road. auto and oil lobby creativebazaarMore consumption. Keep prices competitive. Let them guzzle the life-blood that costs billions and trillions across the globe. Raise taxes of cars, the Auto Industry bleeds but Oil Lobbies hates it more. Cars in Bed with Oil – the lubrication and mechanics exist.


Climate and Insurance sector. If Climate change is man-made, then resulting consequences such as climate change and insurance sector creativebazaarrespiratory disorders, agricultural or livestock losses, etc. could be claimed for. Accepting that Climate Change exists is opening the Pandora’s box. But if it is proven that climate change is in fact an act-of-god, then Insurance companies walk scot-free with no payouts. Pollution is good for the brains as it gets polluted too and clouds sensible judgement. Pollution will soon be part of pre-existing conditions exempted from coverage.


Cure and Medicine. Rarely will a hospital or pharmaceutical company have enough motivation or see pharma and healthcare lobby creativebazaarfinancial prudence in the discovery of a Cure. Care is cheaper. “Managing” pain or diabetes or cancer is more profitable than curing it. Cure is unsustainable as a business. But are we not lucky that we have health+care providers?


An entangled world of networked lobbies, helping each other feed and thrive at the expense of consumers. A frenzy of give and take, sustained by a ever-growing population of hungry, blinded consumers who gives all. Lobbies, legal and entertained by governments. Governments made up of politicians and administrators who takes all!

Why Doctor’s cannot cure you?

No Cure pillsIf the title made you think otherwise, let me make it very clear – This is NOT an article about God or strength of Prayer and sorts. You can stop reading if that is what you were looking for. Others read on…

I had first heard this notion from Chris Tucker during one of his comedy routines. And I thought to myself – Isn’t this true?  Okay, let me explain and you spend some time thinking about what you just read.

Doctor’s are professionals alright. They practice medicine but a majority of them are no firefighters. What I mean by firefighters is that they are not selfless heroes. After an expensive college education in Medicine, Doctors are motivated by Profit. The need to make money. I am not talking about the minority exceptions. There are a number of them who join NGOs, Red Cross and so on striving to help the unfortunate in war-stricken and ultra-poor zones of the earth.

But the majority of Doctors are in it for money. Now let is look at it in perspective. Pharmaceutical companies rely heavily on doctors for their revenues. Doctors make money by prescribing these medicines that pharmas make. In a way they are co-dependent. What happens if a Pharma company makes a medicine that can actually cure a particular disease? Not treat, I mean CURE a disease completely so that it cannot recur ever.The patient who is cured will now need not come back to the doctor. The patient need not take the medicines anymore. This means the Doctor and the Pharma company have now lost one source of revenue. True that more patients will rush to the doctor and seek the elixir, but that will subside after most of the diseased is cured once and for all. There is no recurring income. A Doctor or the Pharma have no benfit in developing or prescribing such a miracle medicine.

Now let us say that a Doctor successfully treats you for Blood Pressure or Diabetes. He prescribes you some medicines. You now need to take these medicines for life in order to remain healthy. You need to revisit the doctor for regular check ups and you will due to fear of recurrence of the HIGHLY DANGEROUS disease you may have. This keeps both the doctors and the pharma companies, happy. They get recurring income.

When was the last time a major, serious disease after Small Pox (Polio to an extent) was CURED and ERADICATED. The only reason there are successful medicines against Chicken Pox and Jaundice perhaps is because they are not generally recurring types as body develops self-immunity.

If you notice, most of the medicines available are treatments. Most of the treatments are just that and not cures. A treatment is more profitable than a Cure and that is why Doctor’s cannot cure you of anything.